An Innovative Marketing System to bring Brand Awareness of Pharma Goods


The company was founded in 1999 with the vision of merging innovative marketing with technological solutions. Since then the company has grown a lot and in the process they’ve achieved a few "firsts" in the digital pharma world.

They are still innovating and for over 15 years they’ve been bringing pharma brand awareness to consumers and professionals. They have become a part of a growing trend of digital agencies taking the lead on strategic and creative services.


Marketing, Pharmaceuticals

Business Challenge

The Client wanted the entire process of submission of project details and its approval to be simpler and less time consuming. The Client also wanted a solution that made tracking of the project easy and efficient.


We provided a web based form filling portal to the Client wherein the project details could be submitted at the Account Team member’s end. Upon submission, the form is made available to the Project Management personnel for project assessment. The form includes Risk Assessment questions and once the Project Management personnel review the form they assign the ones approved to a 'Project Manager'. The submitter is informed by email about the approved project. If the approved project is assigned to a Project Manager, then an email notification is sent to the respective Project Manager as well.

Some of the highlights of the solution are as follows:

  • Manage Project – This screen provides the functionality for searching projects by project name, client, status (approved/rejected/pending) & project type. The results are shown in a grid which is sortable.
  • Approve Project - This popup allows the Project Management personnel to approve the project after they have reviewed it.
  • Reject Project - This popup allows the Project Management personnel to reject the project after they have reviewed it.
  • Project Details - This screen shows the project details that the Account team member had entered for a particular project via the submission form.


This application helped the client to save time & money. Also the automated process enables the client to keep track of the various processes more efficiently & effectively thereby increasing the productivity.

Technology Used

Languages C# 4.0
Database SQL Server 2008 R2

Why Volga Infotech?

  • High-quality and cost-effective services
  • High-end technology and best-of-breed infrastructure
  • Skilled, talented and experienced professionals
  • Daily updates on the progress of work
  • Direct contact with the Team
  • Save on time, effort and infrastructure by outsourcing
  • Maximize revenue and minimize expenses
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Latest software and technologies