A Cloud based Clinical Placement Solution for leading Universities in the US


Exxat is a California based firm that was established in 2011. The company serves the software development and support based needs of academic institutions to optimize their placement processes. The company’s goal is to help the academic institutions to achieve high quality results while keeping the academic administration costs in check.


Education, Healthcare

Business Challenge

Exxat wanted a cost effective online tool or solution that allowed schools, students and Clinical sites to manage all information related to Clinical Placements in a centralized system that ensured 24/7 secure real time access that avoided any major investments into Infrastructure and servers.


Volga Infotech developed a Cloud based comprehensive, fully integrated tool, Exxat Placement, where all the information pertaining to Clinical Placements could be stored and accessed by schools, students and Clinical sites from anywhere and anytime during the day.

Some of the salient features of Exatt Placement are

  • School Dashboard – The graphical dashboards and readily available reports provide access to all the relevant information such as student documents, clinical slots, students’ wish-list, placed students, etc.
  • Student Selection – This section allows the students to search through all available slots, select the preferred ones and rank them in the order of their preference.
  • Configuration – This section allows schools to configure lots of information i.e. Contact persons of Sites, Different types of documents – Required Document, School Specific Document, General Documents , Batch configurations, Clinical questionnaire, School Details, Student Instructions etc.
  • Student List – This section has all the lists of students of the school/university. All information about students is available in this section i.e. Student overview, Student Information, Student Health Info, Placement details, Student Leave, Student wishlist.
  • Site – This section has all the lists of sites/clinics as well as all the information about each and every site i.e. Site Information, Staff information, Slot Information, Site Requirements, Placed student list at this site.
  • Student Placement – This is the core function of this website. School admin do the placement of student using this module. In this module we are showing all the details of sites with address, Session details and slot details.

  • My Placements – This is the module which is used by student to view his placement details. After student’s placement, he or she can upload clinical administrator details.
  • Search Site for Student - Students are able to search through all available slots and select their preferred choices. They can sort through sites based on their setting, location and Interview requirement status. It allows students to submit their preferred slots and rank them in the order of preference. This drastically improves student experience.


Some of the benefits that our Client has experienced with the introduction of Exatt Placement are as follows.

  • Cost Effective -Exatt Placement has proved to be a cost effective solution that not only keeps the costs related to placement administration processes in check but also avoids any major investments in infrastructure and servers because of it being a centralized cloud based system.
  • Increased Productivity –The tool has helped the schools manage the placement processes more efficiently. The Tool sends automated reminders to student when their documents are due or have expired. The system also helps Clinical sites streamline the document review process by summarizing and analyzing all information in quick to access Dashboards.
  • One Click Reports – The Clinical coordinators can access the reports necessary for a placement process at the click of a mouse. These reports have all the relevant information that helps the coordinators to take their decisions.
  • 24/7 secure real time access – Allows the schools, students and Clinical sites to access the information from a centralized cloud based system at anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Technology Used

Languages C#, .NET
Operating System Windows 7
Platform Website
Database MS SQL Server 2008
Web Technologies .Net, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript
FRAMEWORKS .Net Framework 4.5, MVC, Entity Framework

Why Volga Infotech?

  • High-quality and cost-effective services
  • High-end technology and best-of-breed infrastructure
  • Skilled, talented and experienced professionals
  • Daily updates on the progress of work
  • Direct contact with the Team
  • Save on time, effort and infrastructure by outsourcing
  • Maximize revenue and minimize expenses
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Latest software and technologies