A Crowdfunding Platform Connecting Consumers To Brands


The client is a Los Angeles, California based B2B + B2C ecosystem enabling brands to increase visibility on retail shelves by using consumers to provide stocking and shelving information about products at supermarkets.


Food and Beverage

Business Challenge

The original system included employees who would visit the relevant supermarkets and stores to click pictures and verify them. The client wanted to enable regular supermarket visitors and buyers to do the same tasks and provide them a way to earn money by doing so, essentially creating a network of users who would crowdsource the appropriate data thus increasing the reach and scale of the idea.


  • Volga Infotech developed an iOS app which allows users to complete tasks by visiting supermarkets or stores and taking pictures of specific products and placements.
  • An admin user will then verify the task completed by the user and review it. Based on the review the admin will accept or reject the completed task.
  • If the task gets accepted by the admin, the user receives credits and digital payments once their credits reach a certain threshold.


  • This system increases the involvement of actual buyers by making them aware of the brand and offers.
  • It speeds up the verification process since a person already in the vicinity can accept the task.
  • Various integrated features like map directions and geo notifications allows the users to plan and undertake tasks best suited for their travel habits.
  • Admin has fine grain control over the whole process and the brand also gets their own portal to manage new tasks.

Technology Used

App Platform iOS
Languages Swift, PHP, TypeScript
Database MySQL
Web Server nginx
Framework Vue.js 2, Laravel 5
FraSource Controlmework git (BitBucket)
Design patterns MVVM, Networking, Singleton, Delegation
Services AWS S3, Stripe, imgix, getstream, GCP