Volga Infotech has worked intensively on projects related to Technology
Below are few of the success stories

A Tool to converts Amazon S3 into an awesome analytics platform by leveraging the AWS ecosystem intelligently

The client is an Australia based global data management technology company and AWS partner. read more

An Easy to use Content Management Solution for a US based Technology Giant

Our Client is a US subsidiary of a Japanese Multinational Corporation involved in the design and manufacture of electronics. The company has dedicated itself to enriching people's lives through the use of futuristic technology and a commitment to innovation. read more

Connecting SAP and SharePoint closely

Our Client is a software company that develops solutions involving best practices to help companies experience the full capabilities of content management in SAP and SharePoint. read more

A tool to provide a generic solution for the mechanism of protecting the data across different platforms in an organization.

Our Client is one of the most renowned major independent providers for data integration software. Many enterprises worldwide depend on them for data integration, data quality and big data solutions to access, integrate and trust their information residing on their premises and in the cloud. read more

A mobile based personalized Travel Magazine

The Client is a US-based software development firm. Head-quartered in San Diego, California, the company focuses on web and mobile application development. read more

A Mobile based Job Referral Application

Based out of Santa Barbara, California, the client company is primarily focused in the software development and related services sector. read more

Integrated Analytics on data of SAP & Salesforce CRM for esteemed Energy Conservative Company.

The Client is an Energy Conservation Company based in the state of Texas, United States who has for three decades revolutionized how their clients view, consume and use energy nationwide. read more