Voice Assistant Application Development

Volga Infotech has expertise in custom voice-based skill development & voice-enabled application development, which can also be integrated into existing websites and Apps.

With voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri are becoming a household name; Volga Infotech enables their clients to take their services on to these voice-enabled platforms. Example: A voice-enabled Taxi booking service, Movies & Event Ticket booking service, Host Professional Scrum call, etc.

With Voice base assistants Volga Infotech can also help the client integrate Voice commands with IoT applications viz: thermostats, home automation or simply build Voice User Interface applications that provide an immersive user experience.

Core Services

  • Custom Alexa / Google Home Service
  • Alexa Echo App development / Google Home App development
  • Alexa Skill integration for iOS / Android
  • Google Home Skill integration for iOS / Android
  • Smart Home Integrations
  • Enterprise level Alexa Skill development