An Online Mobile Banking Application for a leading Australian Bank


Our Client is one of the largest banks in Australia in terms of market capitalization. The bank was founded in the 19th century and it offers its retail clients a wide range of personal accounts and services such as Internet Banking, Insurance, credit cards, personal loans, business loans, home loans and more. Apart from Retail Banking the bank also caters to the banking needs of Small Businesses and the Corporate.


Financial Services

Business Challenge

The Client wanted to provide a mobile application to its customers that was safe, secure and could be accessed anytime and from any part of the world. One of the major challenges was to provide the customers a high performance application that could work on a variety of mobile devices, platforms and access modes.


We at Volga Infotech developed a hybrid application that could be deployed on tablets.

Some of the major features of this hybrid application are:

  • Account Dashboard – This screen provides the functionality for searching projects by project name, client, status (approved/rejected/pending) & project type. The results are shown in a grid which is sortable.
  • View transactions – This popup allows the Project Management personnel to approve the project after they have reviewed it.
  • Fund Transfer – This popup allows the Project Management personnel to reject the project after they have reviewed it.
    • Within his own local bank accounts
    • To other local accounts
    • To International accounts
  • Pay bills – Allows the users to register and pay their monthly bills such as mobile, electricity; gas, water and other bills
  • Credit card – User can apply for a new credit card and also activate overseas usage of the credit card
  • Spot the bank – To locate the nearest bank branches and ATMs on mobile maps
  • Local Promotions – Users are notified about latest promotions and offers in their vicinity


The introduction of this application is a win-win for both the Bank and its clients.

Some of the major benefits that the

  • Saving money - The average mobile banking transaction cost of about $0.10 is much less as compared to the cost of around $2 that is paid on an average to a teller for a telephonic or personal transaction at the bank. Mobile Banking is thus a great way for bank to cut their operational expenses. Many banks use the savings generated from online transactions to offer clients better interest rates, or other rewards, for maintaining online accounts.
  • Environment friendly – Mobile Banking reduces paper transaction thereby helping in preserving the natural resources and is therefore good for our Environment.
  • Cross-selling – Mobile Banking is an effective means of cross selling for the banks these days. The mobile banking application can be used as a platform for cross-selling or up-selling other financial services, such as credit cards, vehicle loans, etc to the existing bank customers. A lot of customers encourage this as they do not feel the pressure to buy something are therefore more likely to research them while conducting an online banking transaction.
  • Convenience - Mobile Banking is certainly more convenient as compared to calling the phone banking or physically visiting the bank. Also the customers have the convenience of banking 24 hours a day and 365 days round a year from any part of the world.
  • Account notification - The customers receive e-mail notifications when a bill is due or when an account statement is available. This helps the customers remember bill payment and other such items before they are overdue.

Technology Used

Languages javascript , css and HTML
Database MS SQL Server 2008
Platform cross-platform / hybrid
Operating System ios and android
BUILDS AND RELEASE TestFlight and Xcode5.