A Government agency in the city of Los Angeles looking to automate Vehicle parking


Telematics , Government

Business Challenge

Vehicle Parking is a challenge that almost all cities across the world face. Therefore, one of the busiest cities in the US wanted a system to facilitate automatic car parking for its citizens. The city has Parking Zone which can be of Single level or multi level car parking.

Earlier all this was manually done under the supervision of an Inspector allocated to every zone. Tracking of money collected was also a challenge apart from allotment of parking space was a bigger challenge at hand.


To address the above mentioned challenges we at Volga Infotech designed and developed a system with the following features.

  • Web portal:
    The portal informs citizens about the availability of car parking in various areas. The portal uses Google maps and let user search area in it. Once the user selects area portal will locate car parking availability on Map. Also the citizen can book a car parking space with car number and with parking time. To book a space they can make online Payment.
  • I-Phone/Android App:
    To facilitate citizen with easy and quick space allotment they can use mobie app as well which has the same features of a Web portal.
  • Parking Meters:
    There are 2 types of Parking meters, Single Parking Meter and Multi Parking meter.
    1. Multi Parking meter will be used at the entrance of a zone that has multiple parking spaces. At the time of entry the driver needs to swipe a card at the parking meter to get the allotment space details. And then at the time of exit the driver will have to swipe the same card for actual payment. Payment will be collected as per the duration the car was parked.
    2. To be introduced and referred to new trustworthy businesses, customers and clients with the help of relations drawn using known businesses, customers and clients.
    3. Single Parking Meter will be managing only one car parking space. The meter has the sensor to check whether the car is parked or not and to read the car number.
      People can also insert either cash or coins to pay for the car parking. In case anyone parks his car however does not pay for it, the nearest police station is notified about the same along with the car details and parking space details.


  • It is a great advantage for people looking for a parking space as they can easily identify the space available for parking. The mobile app allows people to find a parking space while they drive.
  • Since the entire system is automated human intervention is minimal.
  • Every transaction is recorded and therefore money management becomes very easy.

Technology Used

Languages C#, ASP.net, Java, Objective C
Database Microsoft SQL server 2012
Web Server Azure, IIS 7
WEB TECHNOLOGIES .Net, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, Wcf Services
FRAMEWORKS .Net Framework 4.0, Entity Framework, Jquery and its plugins