Our client is a police agency in the United states looking to investigate and track criminals.


Our client is a police agency in the United states looking to investigate and track criminals .



Business Challenge

Nowdays, criminal activities have increased intensively and we need a mechanism to control them. The local police department doesn't have access to every home for investigation . So to overcome this issue, the police department publishes photos of wanted criminals in public areas .Whoever gives valid and useful tips to police gets rewarded.

The police department also have CCTV footage of these activities and to make this footage available to the general public they need to have some kind of system / website to market it.


As per the requirement set by our client we at Volga Infotech designed and developed a website where people in charge at the Police department can upload CCTV footages along with the photos and information of the criminals. The users of the website can search for footages using their zipcode as well as submit relevant tips for any particular crime. A user gets rewarded if police department believes that the tip submitted was useful in solving the crime.

The system has the following four types of user access control and categories :

  • Police User The Police user is authorized with all permissions. He/She can upload footages, review tips, manage videos and also sets rewards. He/She has all the administrative control over a system.
  • Retail User The Retail user has some limited control over the system. He/She can upload footages , set rewards and view submitted tips for the videos but doesn't have the control to manage tips and videos.
  • Registered User The Registered User cannot upload videos. He/She can only submit the tips for a particular reward opportunity; view status of the tips; manage his/her profile as well as get information about reward opportunity based on Zip codes.
  • Anonymous User The Anonymous user i.e the unregistered user has very limited access. He/She can search and view reward opportunities i.e footages as well as submit tips without giving any personal information .


This system is extremely helpful in connecting the police department and the citizens. It has eliminated a lot of manual work and it helps police department to manage systems efficiently.

Technology Used

Web Technologies PHP, Javascript, HTML5, CSS 3, Jquery
Database MS-SQL Server
Source Control SVN