A One Stop portal for a Diabetic Patient in the United States


The Client is a well-funded technology startup based in San Francisco. With an aim to revolutionize healthcare industry the company introduced one of a kind electronic prescription application with e-prescriptions and has also designed and developed one of the most efficient e-solutions related to medication delivery system.



Business Challenge

MyDiabetesHome was founded with a vision to help patients manage their PHI (Personal Health Information) ranging from height, weight and Diabetes type to Lab numbers like Cholesterol, BP and Sugar readings on a day-to-day basis. The Client wanted an online solution where this data could be saved in a manageable and secure way along with patient’s daily medicinal dosages and could be accessed by the patients anytime and anywhere across the globe.


MyDiabetesHome.com was developed with one centralized database for all information across different web forms to access it. MDH consists of two websites, MyDiabetesHome.com, which is an umbrella application providing all features and MedsimpleApp.com, which helps a patient manage his/her daily medicinal requirements and set reminders etc.. Both these websites provide a free and a paid version of membership with access to numerous other facilities.

Medsimpleapp is also available on mobile devices in IOS and Android format.

  • mySugars – The ‘My Sugars’ section is an electronic logbook for entering blood glucose readings that gives you alerts when sugars are low or high and shows you a historical summary through easy-to-read charts and graphs.
  • myNumbers - This section allows the patients to record their weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and A1C at one central location
  • myMedSimple - In this section the patient can record, track and monitor their medications. Once the medications are recorded myMedSimple takes care of the rest.
  • myVisits – The ‘myVisits’ section helps the patients to keep an up-to-date record of all their visits to their doctors.


MyDiabetesHome is a very useful application and a great revolution in the field of healthcare. Patients mention that it has become easier for them to record, organize, and track personal diabetes information, including medications, daily blood sugars, A1c, blood pressure, weight, and other relevant information. One of the other benefits that they mentioned is the automatic alert feature that shows them automatic alerts on their blood glucose number if they are out of range.

Even the Doctors found this application very useful and they said that tools such as the Visit Optimizer which gives them a comprehensive report makes the appointments more efficient because it saves their time and allows them more time to be spent with their patients.

Technology Used

Operating System Windows Server 2003/2008 r2
Database MySql 5.5
Server Apache 2
Language PHP 5.4
Reporting Tool Ontimenow (online portal)
IDE Netbeans
Source Control Tortoise HG