A Diabetic System for Research Centres


The client is a Medical Research Center based in Des Moins, Iowa



Business Challenge

Our client, a doctor by profession, needed a robust system which could filter medical studies with the patients matching those conditions. The system had to be efficient enough to handle various inclusion & exclusions criteria, which would accommodate multiple medications, allergies, and keep track of them and their progress. Further, the client requested an inbuilt CRM and marketing methods with inclusion, like running campaigns and patient acquisition.


A State of the Art System was developed tol fulfill the below requirements:

  • Business Requirement:
    We developed a Query tool which accommodates the requirements with advance features like toggling various criteria interface to Add and Remove conditions, and quickly provide a count and show the list of eligible patients.
  • CRM Requirement:
    With the current system, we custom integrated CRM system for Texting and Calling. Tracking tools to update patient status for easy lead conversions.
  • Marketing Requirement:
    Use of Email Marketing tools to send out invites, campaigns for user acquisition, and new research information.


Client Saves 80% time screening patients for research.

  • Patient Management System helps categorize, tag specific patients, automated tags applied by the system on certain conditions match, save a tremendous amount of time.
  • Higher Lead to Patient conversion Patient Tracking and tools like bulk lead uploads to make it easier for the Research Team
  • Patients get free Patient Portal access, which is paid otherwise, on agreeing to share data for research.
  • Inbuild CRM provided a quick and more straightforward way to communicate with patients and get feedback.
  • Use of marketing techniques like email campaigns to generate new leads
  • Dashboards like Financial, Recruitment, and Clinical and Reporting provided high-level decision making which would otherwise manually done.

Technology Used

Framework Laravel 5.7
Database AWS Aurora MySql
Architecture AWS EC2 with network load balancers
Language PHP 7.3, Angular6
Third Party Integrations Google Maps API, Mandrill, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS SNS, Twilio
Source Control Git by GitHub