A Mobile Web version of a Top Branded Pharmaceutical Store


A California based International firm with top-selling brands of dietary supplements and vitamins. They offer complete health packages including hair and skin products. The Company's goal is to provide quality products through the use of innovation and technology.



Business Challenge

The Client wanted their company’s website to be available on multiple mobile and hand-held devices like cell phones, tablets and PDAs.


We at Volga Infotech designed and developed a mobile-friendly version of their E-commerce website using Sitecore Content Management System. Device configuration features provided by Sitecore allowed the development of customized layouts for a variety mobile devices.

Some of the exclusive features of the solution we provided are as follows. The Mobile API was built using the Sitecore API and the custom .NET code that was already being used for the website.

  • Automatic device detection Dynamically assembled content can be transformed to conform to virtually any output format, such as small device pages (i.e. PDA or phone), web, PDF or RSS for example.
  • The mobile site was designed keeping the medium's limited space and connectivity in mind to provide a great UX.
  • Connected User Experience: Does not allow customer's movement between different mobile devices to affect their conversation with the site, thereby providing a connected user experience.
  • Multichannel publishing: This lets our client provide a fully integrated customer experience platform that optimizes content across multiple channels


The mobile site has allowed our Client to reach out to a larger number of potential customers and thereby generate more sales. It has also helped the client gain a competitive edge over other companies in the industry.

Technology Used

Languages C#, ASP.net
Database SQL Server 2008 R2
WEB TECHNOLOGIES .Net, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript
FRAMEWORKS Net Framework 4.5