A Technology Startup developing one of a kind electronic prescription application


The Client is a well-funded technology startup based in San Francisco. With an aim to revolutionize healthcare industry the company introduced one of a kind electronic prescription application with e-prescriptions and has also designed and developed one of the most efficient e-solutions related to medication delivery system.



Business Challenge

With the proliferation of different sizes of mobile devices, tablets, hybrid devices etc, tapping on a market opportunity, the client wanted a LOW COST, ‘Write Once - Run Anywhere and Everywhere’ solution. The client also wanted a team with highly Agile, Smart and Experienced people aware of the latest ‘buzz/ trends’ in the tech world – which can develop a user friendly, easy to use and well designed application (Web based and Mobile based)


We at Volga Infotech designed and developed a web based application that was compatible with all the browsers of all the devices varying from mobiles, tablets to desktop computers. We also developed a mobile portal in Phonegap to work as a standalone mobile application for all mobile/tablet platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows phone.

Some of the salient features common to both the web based server portal and the mobile portal are as follows:

  • User, Patient and Prescriber System
    This system takes request from a client system for any changes in the user or prescriber data and then stores, modifies or deletes the user, patient or prescriber data in the database. The advanced algorithm is implemented to handle advanced, concurrent AJAX based search related requests.
  • Fax System
    This module allows the application to fax a particular prescription to the pharmacy. User can search the surescripts pharmacy from the designed standalone pharmacy selection mechanism or enter name, address and phone number of a local pharmacy to fax the prescription.
  • Print System
    This module allows the application to take the printout of any e-prescription or a cvc file. The system also handles a signature block whenever a prescription needs to be signed by the prescriber.
  • Search System
    This module handles the advanced search of a Patient or Medication and dosage or a pharmacy. The algorithm is designed as a low latency system to handle multiple search requests.
  • Payment System
    This system allows application to handle all the credit card related information on the server. It uses US military grade security algorithm to secure the payment related data.
  • Other Features
    Consistent UI
    This application is designed by keeping consistent User interface across all the platforms in mind. The Look and Feel of the application will remain the same whether the user is accessing it on a touch screen based mobile or a desktop PC.
    Advanced Search
    A user can perform an advanced search by querying relatively high amount of ‘search information’ in a single AJAX request i.e. A user can search for a particular patient with first and last name, date of birth and gender at the same time.
    Live Updates
    The web based Client portal and Mobile application portal receives live updates whenever the Internet connection is available. The monitoring system is designed to work in background to receive live updates i.e. whether the prescription is faxed or not, updates about new prescription or any changes in refills and so on Import / Export to EHR System
    It is to sync patients and their associated history to EHR system and to take the print out of patient related information of CVC file.
    Complete prescription management system
    Different modules defined above interact and collaborate with each other with seamless integration, thus it’s a complete prescription system.


  • Easy to Use Application
    The end application developed both for web and mobile is extremely easy to use and user friendly. The Client is extremely happy with the design and its ease of use since UI has been developed by our experts with years of experience and keen design sense.
  • Provision to send e-Prescription from any of the devices
    It saves a lot of time and effort by sending prescription electronically from all the devices to the pharmacy and the user, without time consuming phone calls and personal appointments.
  • Overall management system
    The client is fully satisfied with the end product and how it has been functionally designed and deployed. The overall management system where office user can keep track of office staffs, patients, doctors, prescribers, prescriptions, delivery of prescriptions, refills, pharmacy, medical records of patients, medical assistants and so on.
  • Unique features
    The application is designed with some unique features for some special cases i.e. handling prescription related to controlled substances, provision of faxing or printing the prescription, authorized access for prescribers, CMS patient reporting, syncing with EHR system and so on.

Technology Used

Languages Java (JDK 1.6)
Database MS-SQL Server 2005
Web Technologies J2EE (JSP), HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript
MOBILE PLATFORM Phonegap (Cordova 3.3)
Web Server Apache Tomcat
Framework Spring (3.1), Hibernate (3.6), jQuery Mobile (Client side)
Source Control Subversion