A Web based solution for a US based startup looking to deliver medicine on your doorstep


The Client is a well-funded technology startup based in San Francisco. With an aim to revolutionize healthcare industry the company introduced one of a kind electronic prescription application with e-prescriptions and has also designed and developed one of the most efficient e-solutions related to medication delivery system.



Business Challenge

The Client noticed that the entire process of getting a doctor’s prescription and then going to a pharmacy and waiting in long queues to buy medicines was very tedious and time consuming for the patients. The Client was thus looking for a cost-effective, innovative solution to improve the whole pharmacy experience and make it hassle free.


Volga Infotech successfully designed and developed a web based system:

  • To manage the automatic delivery of prescriptions.
  • To keep track of the nearby pharmacies and delivery status.
  • An admin system to command and control the overall process.

The solution includes two core modules to handle the overall prescription delivery system.

Delivery System Module
User can click a picture or scan the prescription and send it to the web system, the system the delivers the prescription to the local pharmacy automatically which in turn delivers the order within few hours. The system algorithmically chooses the nearby pharmacy with respect to the user’s location. The system also keeps track of the overall process and delivery of medication to the end user.

Admin Module
This module of the system keeps track of all the pending, approved, completed and reviewed prescriptions and refill requests. It also manages scanned user prescriptions and other additional details like doctor details, patient details, drug related information, internal notes, patient notes and so on. It also handles Pharmacy related information. The system manages overall Order related information of all the prescriptions.


  • Unique Experience and hassle free
    The System comes with some unique features which make the whole experience hassle free like tracking of the order and automatic pharmacy selection
  • Central Management
    The system is designed as a central management system to keep track of all the pending, approved or completed prescriptions orders. An order can be easily canceled or re-requested. The system also keeps track of the shipped prescription orders and refilled orders.
  • Security
    Security is the most prominent feature of the system with the entire user data (prescription and medical data) encrypted with Military Grade encryption.
  • Ease of Use
    The System is very simple to use, with modern, attractive user interface designed by keeping user friendliness in the mind. All the end user has to do is to scan the prescription, select a doctor and a patient, select insurance card and enter the delivery address.
  • Tracking
    The admin module allows the user to keep track of the delivery and to co ordinate with the pharmacy.
  • Automatic
    The system is designed in such a way that user doesn’t have to worry about the pharmacy, it selects pharmacy based on the user’s location and if the pharmacy is not in the network of the system, it instantly transfers the prescription to in-network pharmacy.

Technology Used

Languages Java (JDK 1.6)
WEB SERVER Apache Tomcat
FRAMEWORK Spring (3.1), Hibernate (3.6)
Database MySQL 5
Source Control Git