An easy to use Patient Management system for Orthopedic Surgeons


The Client is a renowned physician in the field of sports medicine and has more than two decades of practice behind him. The client has been involved in the treatment of a lot of famous athletes. He has travelled and operated across the length and breadth of the country and has been associated with numerous sportsman himself.



Business Challenge

The client wanted to create an IPad app for storing and easily retrieving patient data from anywhere, without having the need to carry the patient's papers or wasting time searching for them.


We at Volga Infotech designed and developed an IPad app that provides the facility for a user to login and get a patient's medical history. For this, the user needs to enter some personal details of that patient such as the name or email-id or phone number and search for that patient based on this information. The physician will be shown a list of all the previous visits done by the patient.

She/he can then select any particular visit and see the details of the illness taken on that day. The Doctor can also input new data for the current diagnosis. If a patient is new and has not visited before, the app provides a page to get the patient's personal details and then the details of the case paper. The app has been designed in such a way that anyone would easily be able to navigate and use the app.


This app has helped the client to have access to the data of a patient while the he's travelling and also in cases of emergency where time is of immense value and hence cannot be wasted searching for information about the patient's history; the app provides all this and more on one screen. The client is very happy and satisfied with the app and with Volga.

Technology Used

LANGUAGES Objective C (XCode tool)
DATABASE SQL Server 2008R2
FRAMEWORKS .Net Framework 4.0