An Innovative way of Selling Pharmaceuticals online


The Client is a rising start-up company head-quartered in sunny San Diego, California. The company specializes in mobile app development for both Android and IOS platforms. The company's approach and strategies have helped media companies in various publishing channels to expand their target audience by connecting to the younger age-group.



Business Challenge

The idea was to drive down healthcare costs in all medical organizations across the country. This could be done by providing an online marketplace where medical institutions could place their requirements and wholesale suppliers could place their bids on them. This would essentially allow the healthcare institutes to become independent of one drug supplier and the bidding competition would help bring down the cost of critical drugs.


We at Volga Infotech designed and developed a website that works as a wholesale marketplace for pharmaceuticals. The site provides the functionality for a purchaser to send out bid requests to vendors for all the drugs required by them. The vendors who are registered as being eligible to trade in the purchaser's state can then reply to the bid request by placing their own bid. This way the purchasers can give their order to the lowest bidder.

This solution will reduce monopoly by big pharma companies and help secondary distributors to get a foothold in the market. Also, it will reduce the time required for purchasers to search and get in touch with other distributors for drugs that may not be available locally at that time.


The client is very satisfied as the website has been received well in the healthcare industry. The site has helped mitigate the problem of false drug shortages and hoarding of critical drugs.

Technology Used

DATABASE SQL Server 2008R2
WEB TECHNOLOGIES .Net, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript
FRAMEWORKS .Net Framework 4.0