Document Management System using MEAN stack and RESTIFY frame work


A United States based IT services organization which closely works with health care industry for streamlining capacities of its Document Management and Automation application keeping in mind the end goal to convey advancement and adaptability to its clients for creating altered reports.



Business Challenge

The client wanted to build a document management and sharing system for some corporate business purpose which will allow company management to upload, share, edit documents to, with respect to different hierarchy dashboard, library, collections etc. Company employees can check those documents with respect to their designations and permissions available to them into their portable devices in read only mode. The documents can be word, excel, pdf, html, audio, videos.

Client wanted extremely user friendly interface so that it can be used by any new comers in the team and they can start using it right away. Here are few key aspects of the project

  • Responsive application.
  • REST full Web service for mobile users.
  • Document sync facility.
  • Usage & transaction logs for future audit.
  • Publishing support.
  • Detailed analytics for desktop and mobile.


We at Volga Infotech met our client’s requirement by developing a Document Management REST full Web service and Desktop Application Client as a solution for the above challenge. The REST full API can be consumed by both mobile and desktop applications to have the data and file access.

Following technology and frameworks expertise of Volga Infotech succeeded in meeting the project objectives.

  • NodeJS & ExpressJS: The webservice is built on top of nodejs and expressjs, which provides extremely fast, non-blocking API to communicate with the server.
  • Mongo DB & Mongoose: Mongo DB – no SQL database is the backbone for the application. It’s supported with the help of nodes, mongoose nodes driver. It’s highly advanced interface provides structure similar to ORM.
  • Test Driven Development: We have followed the test driven development using jasmine-node & frisby plugin to do automated testing for the large sets of APIs. This ensures the stability and regression for the application.


Volga's endeavors to update and improve the customer's Document Management and Automation arrangement effectively helped the organization in upgrading its execution and operation inside the monetary allowance. In that, the organization's base and labor costing lessened by 30% and 40%, separately, this at last raised the organization’s ROI to half.

Today the customer organization is unquestionably offering the application to various clients who can now consistently produce a great many reports in a small amount of time with obliged adaptability, advancement and customization

  • Hassle free document sharing:
    The System comes with some unique features which make the whole experience hassle free like sharing and tracking of the document.
  • Central Management:
    The system is designed as a central management system to keep track of all the pending or approved documents. And documents can be easily added/updated/deleted. The system also keeps track of the all available actions for future audit.
  • Security:
    Security is the most prominent feature of the system with the entire hierarchy. Ease of Use: The System is very simple to use, with modern, attractive user interface designed by keeping user friendliness in the mind in mobile as well as desktop app.

Technology Used

Languages NodeJS / Javascript
Database MongoDB
Web Technologies ExpressJs, MVC
Frameworks MEAN, Restify
Source Control GIT
Web Server NGINX
Project Management and bug Tracking MS Office 365