SharePoint Solution For Leading Health Care Provider


The client is one of America’s leading health care providers. They have been providing quality healthcare services for more than 60 years to more than 9 million people. The company's mission is to provide high-quality and affordable health care services to all. The members of the company are committed to helping shape the future of health care.



Business Challenge

The client wanted to computerize their entire software request process using Microsoft's SharePoint technology. They needed a website that allowed a user to enter details about the required softwares and the servers on which the softwares will be installed into a form that can be assigned to designated people for authorization and then sent to the IT team for the final approval.


We at Volga Infotech developed a SharePoint based Web application using the Agile software development methodology. The application allowed a requester, approver and the IT admin to login and see the form at various stages in the request approval process. The requester was shown a list of all the requests that has been done by that user and the ones that have been approved/rejected.

The approvers can see the details of a software request by clicking on it from the list of all the requests that are awaiting approval.

The IT admin then does the final approval after making sure that all the required information and documents have been provided by the user. The admin people then issue a certificate for all the requested softwares. The admin also has the authority to change approvers for any software products and also to edit/add the details for a product or a product itself.

If there is any information missing in the request, the admin can even modify the software request or inform the user to make the necessary changes before approving or declining the request.


The client received a great response for the app on both the platforms. It became a huge success among travelers and explorers as it has transformed the way one can capture and share their travels. The app has been written about in various blogs and tech magazines, which has made the client more than satisfied.

  • for all three types of users allows them to see the status of every request.
  • Email notifications are sent to the concerned users when some action is taken on a particular requests informing about its status.

Technology Used

Languages C# 4.0
Database SQL Server 2012
Web Technologies SharePoint Server 2010, .NET Client-Side Object Model (CSOM)
Web Server IIS
Frameworks .Net Framework 3.5
Source Control TFS