A highly productive Webcam Web based Interviewing system for Recruiters


Our Client Intro-vue is a specialist in providing Human Resource solutions. The company is actively engaged in consulting top-notch companies and providing them with Staffing Solutions and HR Services. One of their most innovative solutions is a web based job interviewing system that has seen a huge response from the firms into the recruitment business.


Human Resources

Business Challenge

The client was looking to develop a web-cam based Job interviewing system, which would increase the ability of a recruiting agency / hiring company to achieve successful hiring with reasonable expense and the least amount of lost time and productivity.


The below mentioned modules were developed in order to meet the Client’s requirements

  • A two level comprehensive Admin Module - Used by the administrator to register hiring companies, set up their billing and generate invoices etc. Level 1 and Level 2 administrators have different privileges.
  • The Company Admin Module – Used by the administrator of the registered company to register recruiters of his firm.
  • The Recruiter Module – This module is for the recruiters to register candidates and setup interviews, assign question time and answering time per question; view recorded answers, rate them and share them among other recruiters.

  • The Candidate Module - For the candidate to answer the questions sequentially using the Web cam on his/her computer.


  • The Client can view unscripted and recorded candidate responses to specific job-related interview questions that the Client sends to the candidate. The Client can view the responses from anywhere and anytime as per his/ her own convenience.
  • The Client can easily share candidate video responses via e-mail with team members involved in the hiring process.
  • More effectively evaluate potential candidates and streamline the interview process.

Technology Used

Languages .NET 3.5
Database Microsoft SQL server 2005
Third party Plugins Nimbb Player ( http://www.nimbb.com )
Source Control SVN