A Cross platform mobile application for Insurance companies


Our Client is one of the renowned fund risk management firm and mobile technology leader for the fund industry who performs risk analysis and research anytime and anywhere



Business Challenge

With the number of business operations increasing and the advancements in technology the need of the hour was to develop an application that was compatible with tablets in both online and offline mode.


To be at par with the upcoming technology Volga Infotech developed an application for tablet based systems in landscape mode. This application allows risk surveyors to capture risk information, photographs while being at the risk location. It is a standalone application where users can create new requests for each location/client. It has the ability to calculate risk score, create a report in PDF format and share with stakeholders via email.

It also allows user to upload all data and photographs on cloud database

The following diagram shows the architecture of the system:


Data will be stored locally on the tablet. Application will run without Internet connection. This will help client to capture necessary information in remote areas where internet connection is a challenge.

Technology Used

Platform to run on Tablets ( Landscape Mode )
Technologies to work HTML5, CSS 3, Cordova, Microsoft .Net Technologies,
DATABASE MS SQL server 2012