A B2B Professional networking site connecting over a Million businesses worldwide


Our Client is a startup looking to develop a B2B networking site connecting buyers and suppliers.



Business Challenge

Since people TRUST doing business with people who they share a direct relation or a relation drawn from intermediate relations. The Client wanted to use this networking aspect to play a pivotal role for companies and firms to draw new trusted customers and vendors. The Client therefore wanted an online solution that not only described commerce transactions between businesses such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer; but also allowed them to connect and collaborate with each other.


Volga Infotech developed Bizhands.com a A Business-to-business ( B2B ) Portal, a Networking aspect making it easy for Companies / Firms to register, showcase their products and services as well as connect with each other to grow their Business Network.

The below mentioned modules were implemented for bizhands.com:

  • Business showcase Subsystem
    A Business showcase is a Company's or a Firms attractive webpage showcasing all its details. This might includes the Company's profile, Management profile; it’s Products, Services, Affiliates, Client list, Testimonials, Background, History, Job openings, financial reports, Current requirements, News, Awards and Certificates and much more.
  • Business Network Subsystem
    This subsystem promotes Businesses
    • To connect with current customers and business colleagues.
    • To be introduced and referred to new trustworthy businesses, customers and clients with the help of relations drawn using known businesses, customers and clients.
    • Build valuable business partnerships and collaborations.
    • Get recommendations and raise their reputation to attract new clients.
    • The main focus of this sub system is to help a company/firm build a trusted network around it which is most conducive to conduct a healthy business.
  • Leads Subsystem
    For every product /service that a company uploads on its showcase, bizhands.com finds a list of companies looking for that product / service called buying leads.For every requirement for a product/ service uploaded by a company on its showcase, bizhands.com finds a list of companies selling that product / service called selling leads. Not only that, bizhands.com also draws a relation between the buyer and the seller by crawling through their business network, which helps them gain trust in each other.
  • Contact list
    The Contact List maintains a private listing of all customers, clients, vendors with their contact information.
  • Subscription List
    Company's can subscribe to other businesses and get updates on their latest produces and services The subscription list maintains a private list of all subscribed businesses.
  • Favorites
    Companies can add products / services of other companies as favorites. The favorite list maintains a private list of all products and services marked as favorites.
  • Recommendations
    A Company can receive recommendations and testimonials from another company they worked with in the past and include it to their showcase.
  • Relevant, Related intelligent Suggestion Sub System
    By crawling through the Company's existing network, products and requirements, this subsystem provides it with intelligent suggestions such as ' Relevant Businesses to connect with ', ' Business related products', ' Business related services' etc. This helps the Company grow its network as well as save time in search, by providing relevant and related information on login .
  • Company Dashboard
    The Dashboard of the company gives information related to the Activity and updates happening in its Business Network; New companies who recently joined bizhands.com as well as new products and services added to the portal.
  • Message System
    Bizhands.com has a fully loaded message system, which the companies can use to interact with each other by sending buy/sell inquiries.
  • Business News
    Depending on our industry type, bizhands.com delivers business relevant and related industry news from various websites on the click of a mouse.


  • Bizhands.com helps companies establish a brand reputation, market their goods and manage public relations.
  • Companies can publish their own business sales letters and newsletter and promote it among relevant businesses.
  • By entering relevant keywords, they can have their business indexed in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
  • Inbuilt Viral tools can help companies reach a larger audience and promote their business outside of Bizhands, opening doors to thousands of clients with minimal ease.

Technology Used

Languages .NET 3.5
Database Microsoft SQL server 2005
Web Services SOA
WEB TECHNOLOGIES ASP.net, Ajax, Javascript , Jquery, JSON, Telerik controls