An Event Management Solution for a renowned brand building agency in the Food and Beverage space


A renowned California based Brand building agency that is engaged in developing world class consumer engagement and activation programs that helps its clients build a brand for their respective businesses.



Business Challenge

The client was looking for a solution to help them take care of their day to day challenges of

  • Event Planning and Scheduling
  • Event Tracking
  • Budget Management
  • Employee Management and Training
  • Post Event Analysis


Volga Infotech developed a web based solution, an online portal for the client that covered all the major functions in the event planning lifecycle.

Some of the major features of this web based portal are:

  • Request an Event
    This section allowed the agency’s clients to go directly to the web portal and request for an event. Basis the availability of the slots the agency goes ahead and approves the requested events.
  • Campaign Tracker
    This feature helps the agency track the progress of each campaign it is working on currently thus helping the agency track the actual progress vis-a-vis the planned one.
  • Manage Brands
    The clients registered with the agency can list their brands on the portal using this feature. Both the agency and its client has the access to it and either of them can add or remove the products listed under the designated sections.
  • Manage Clients
    The agency can add new or delete old clients or brands using this feature. It also allows the agency to directly get routed to the client’s event page for tracking the progress of the event.
  • My expense
    This section allows the agency to track the event expense and compare the actual expense with the estimated expense on an ongoing basis, making it easy for the agency to stick to their budgets and curtail unnecessary expense.
  • Manage Quiz
    Picking the right candidate for an event is one of the essentials for the success of an event. The candidates before being selected for a particular event need to go through the study material and then take a test to qualify in the “Manage Quiz” section.
  • Manage Task
    It helps the agency HR or Event Head to assign tasks or reminders to the subordinates to ensure that the tasks are completed on time.


Our client is extremely satisfied with the portal and describes it as a very user friendly tool. The portal not only helps the client to save time and money using features like My expense, Campaign Tracker, etc; it has made the event tracking job much easier as compared to how it used to be before they started using our web based solution.

Technology Used

Languages C#.Net
Database MS-SQL Server 2008
Web Technologies .Net, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript
Web Server IIS 7.0
Framework .Net Framework 4.5, ASP.Net MVC 4, Entity Framework, KnockOut Js
Source Control Mercurial Kiln