A Mobile Video Channel Connecting Celebrities And Fans


The system is a network of mobile video channels that allows celebrities and brands to monetize their fan bases in Africa



Business Challenge

The system was already developed by another vendor. However the Architecture wasn't the best, and the client had a lot of issues maintaining as well as adding new modules to it.

The demand for the system had grown and top mobile operators were wanting to integrate the system. However the current state of the system didn't allow quick integration to new markets.


Volga Infotech revamped the current architecture in record time. In addition the below two major modules were developed from scratch

  • Content distribution : This enabled the system to source the best and more relevant content from popular talents and brands and distribute it effectively to their fans across the continent thanks to strong partnerships with pan-African mobile operators such as MTN and Orange. The system now had a potential to reach 20M+ users , making it the number 1 destination for any content producer targeting this hard-to-reach audience.
  • Monetization : This module focused on short and addictive videos that users were ready to pay for. The billing was done seamlessly in micro payments, enabling the system to offers content creators a solid, regular revenue stream at a higher revenue share than other platforms such as Youtube.


The new and improved optimized system

  • Increased system performance drastically
  • Increased revenue by 500% as ability to reach to many subscribers increased
  • Enabled to capture new markets, new artists in various countries.
  • Was easy to maintain
  • Improved task management and efficiency.

Technology Used

Languages C#, JavaScript
Database MY SQL
Web Technologies Asp.Net Web API, WCF, Html 5, Css 3, Node Js
Web Server IIS
Framework Asp.Net MVC
Source Control GIT
Services AWS EC2, S3, RDS, Quicksight