A Video sharing Mobile App for reviewing Restaurants and Bars


Based in Santa Monica, California, USA our client provides software development solutions. It specializes in Web 2.0 development, Content Management system customization such as Sitecore, Business application development, Internet Marketing and Software outsourcing.


Media and Entertainment

Business Challenge

The client's requirement was to create a Social Mobile App that lets users Check-in at their favorite hangout places and eateries like restaurants, bars and coffee shops and record videos of themselves. The users can then share those videos with their friends on the app and give ratings to that place and its food and drinks. Rating and sharing activities would make the user eligible for points and rewards like free food and drinks.


We at Volga Infotech designed and developed an IPhone app with amazing UI. The app's stunning design made for an effortless and great user experience. The backend database was built with POSTGreSQL, which is an Open Source, highly scalable object-relational database system. It also provides functions for storage and retrieval of GeoSpatial data. The Web service API's for passing data to and from the app were built using Microsoft Visual Studio for Dot NET. The end product provided a rich social experience to the users allowing them to share their fun moments with family and friends.

We also build a website for our client for promoting and marketing the app and building a solid online presence..

Some of the most outstanding features of this app are as follows:

  • The app provided login capabilities using Social media like Facebook and Google+.
  • The users could create and edit their personal profiles.
  • The app allowed the user to search for places like restaurants and bars with the best ratings that were near to the user's current location.
  • The uers could follow other users on the app and tag, like, share and comment on their videos along with their friends. The videos could be shared on other popular social media like FB, G+, Twitter as well.
  • The most popular or trending videos would be posted as Featured.
  • The Map section displayed the POIs like restaurants and bars that were rating or previously visited by the user.
  • The app offered free discounts and points to users for rating places and sharing videos.
  • The admin section let the clients put inputs into the app regarding discounts and points.


The client got the quality app they wanted, built efficiently and put on the Apple Store by our team. The client's feedback and suggestions were taken timely throughout the application development process.

Technology Used

Languages Xcode (objective c), C#, ASP.net
Database PostGreSQL
Web Technologies DOT Net web services
Web Server IIS
Framework .Net 4.0
Source Control Tortoise SVN