A state of the art Location based Mobile Application connecting Entrepreneurs globally


A well funded Startup based in San Francisco, California looking to find an innovative way to connect like minded people with the help of a mobile application.


Media and Entertainment, Social Media

Business Challenge

People are innovative and have many ideas running in their minds. Be it a kid, a teen going to college, a software engineer, a laborer, a businessman, a sportsperson or anyone. And they would want to connect with people who are like minded and have seeds of similar ideas. They wish to share their ideas and involve more people who wish to get involved. That’s where our client wanted to bring such like thinking people close to each other so that they can connect, ponder, grow their network and eventually implement their ideas.


We at Volga Infotech met our client’s requirement by developing an iOS based iPhone app as a solution for the above challenge. We built a native application for iPhone, using Xcode (Objective C) for the development and used Microsoft Visual Studio (ASP.Net MVC 4 and WCF) for web services. After designing the UI at front end, developing the application and integrating the APIs the end product proved to be the perfect solution for client’s requirement.

A few of almost 150 APIs, we used the following important APIs in the app :

  • User, Patient and Prescriber System
    This system takes request from a client system for any changes in the user or prescriber data and then stores, modifies or deletes the user, patient or prescriber data in the database. The advanced algorithm is implemented to handle advanced, concurrent AJAX based search related requests.
  • Facebook
    The user can log into the app by signing up using their Facebook account for their personal profile consisting of their pictures and the “About You” section that could be edited as per user’s wish.
  • LinkedIn
    The user can sync with their LinkedIn account to reflect their professional profile including their professional roles in the past, their skills and their educational qualifications.
  • Ideas
    The user’s Creative profile consists of the ideas he/she endorses or the ones he/she would want to get involved giving them the flexibility to add, edit or delete the ideas.
  • Building Network
    The user can build his/her network by sharing posts on the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, emailing their friends and sending text to their contact list after user’s number verification.
  • Search
    The core of the application is to search people around the user that matches the criteria like age, distance, idea keywords and roles in their match setting tab. The result is the list of other users who match the criteria wherein the user can view their creative, personal and professional profiles and even check if there are shared interests or contacts. The user can send them a friend request on the App, reject them or just swipe their card to review it later.
  • Match Notification
    The user is notified with a pop-up when his/her friend request has been accepted or the other user has also sent him a friend request upon search. The user can see his/her friend in their contacts in the app.
  • Chat
    The users who are friends on the App can chat with each other as in the IMs. The can also view their profiles through their chat boxes and even block them in future.


The App users can connect with the people that have interests in similar ideas or wish to be a part of something that already exists as an idea. They can build their App friends network, find appropriate people to look forward to by keeping their desired settings and search for them thereby facilitating them to connect with others.

Technology Used

Languages Objective C
Database MS-SQL Server 2012
Web Server WCF, C#.NET
Source Control Tortoise SVN