An Event based iOS application ranked in the top 10 downloads in iTunes


The Client is a rising start-up head-quartered in San Diego, California. The Company specializes in mobile app development for both Android and IOS platforms. The company's approach and strategies have helped media companies in various publishing channels to expand their target audience by connecting to the younger age-group.


Media and Entertainment, Social Media

Business Challenge

The client wanted to create a social platform for organizing events and group meetings using an app that gets the word out about all the happening events in a particular area. They wanted to transform the way local entertainment news gets delivered by the various media channels. The client wanted a platform that allowed users to plan for events and invite friends to attend those events.


We at Volga Infotech designed and developed an IOS app that allows people to quickly create and share plans with friends and find out what they are doing so that they can join in as well.

Companies organizing any events may put notifications in the app and the user can make plans about the event and send them to his/her friends through the app or through free messaging. The ability to invite users outside of the app is something that really sets the app apart. The IPhone app has been featured by Apple for download in Great Free Apps.

Some of the most interesting features of this app are as follows :

  • The users can choose a date and plan for an event and then ask friends to join in; get to know whose coming and whose not.
  • The app allows users to contact and send plans even to people who have not installed the app, through text messages.
  • Users of this app are entitled to receive various discounts and offers provided by featured companies for registering for any event through this app.
  • The app features a UI interface that has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use.


This app helped the client to get featured on various Tech blogs and Tech magazines, which for a start-up company is really important in order to get established.

Technology Used

Languages Objective C (XCode tool)
Database SQL Server 2008R2
Web Server IIS
FRAMEWORKS Net Framework 4.0