A Location based Social Photo sharing Mobile application for a fast growing Startup in California


Our Client is one of the upcoming names in the Media and Entertainment Industry. Although, the company is less than half a decade old it has been able to successfully launch some very user friendly apps that are very popular amongst the masses right now.


Media and Entertainment,Social Media

Business Challenge

To develop a cross platform native mobile photo sharing application that can be used for preserving memories online in the form of photographs, printed media and artwork.


Volga Infotech developed a native iOS application which runs on latest iOS and is compatible with all the latest iPhones. What does the app allows its users to do?

What does the app allows its users to do?

  • Take a picture
  • Pin it to any place on Earth
  • Set the time to any date
  • Tag those associated with the picture
  • Post this picture as a scrap

Members can make scraps from the pictures on their iOS device or from pictures of pictures or pictures of things taken with their iOS device. These scraps can be kept private, shared with friends or made public. Members can add to their account the scraps that they have been tagged in by using the Grab feature.


The application is one of the favorite pastimes of the people around the World. It allows them to preserve personal and family history.

From the Client’s perspective the application is a high performance cost effective application with a rich user interface. The fact that we are going to use 60-80% of same source code for building application for other mobile platforms like windows, android adds to the satisfaction of our Client as it will save him a lot of time and money.

Technology Used

Languages C#, .NET
Technology Xamarin.ios/monotouch
Database Sql Lite
Operating System Mac OS
Source Control Mercurial
User Analytics Tool Flurry Analytics