A Cutting edge Framework to quickly build and integrate Ticketing and Registration Systems for Event Management Companies


Our Client is a leading provider of white-labeled technology solutions for ticketing and merchandizing to companies that sell access to an event. The company is based in San Diego, CA and they provide platform and tools for developers and organizations to build their own ticketing and registration systems.


Media and Entertainment

Business Challenge

Building a customized ticketing solution for each company is time consuming and costly therefore our Client was looking for a Plug Based API framework solution which will seamlessly integrate with any web application and websites. API will service the following business functionality.


To address these above challenge Volga Infotech developed a Web based API solution using Microsoft .Net Web API technology. Business challenges were identified into an individual piece of features which was then developed into an API. These API can be easily integrated with any Web or Windows based application. These API’s can be easily integrated into existing system without affecting the overall architecture. API

Some of the distinct features of this solution are listed as under :

  • Events API
    It allows managing events. It completely takes care of Add/Update/Delete/Get/Publish/Unpublish/Priting events. It also manages to put an event on sale etc.
  • Ticket Type API
    This section is used by the Artist to post Jobs , apply for Jobs posted by the Administrator as well as by other Artist.
  • Custom Fields API
    This API allows to dynamically creating fields which can be used for inputs from a user for any questions. So it lets you allow to create questions and define kind of answers for the question.
  • Waivers API
    It allows managing waivers that are associated with any events
  • Venue API
    It allows managing venues. These venues are associated with events
  • Payment Processor API
    It allows managing which payment processor engine. It manages settings which will be used when making event purchases
  • Settings API
    It allows managing some global level settings for an application like Mail setting, Currency setting, Time Zone setting etc.
  • Shopping Cart API
    This API allows to buy/sell/refund/cancel purchase of tickets for an event
  • Users API
    This API allows creating of customer profiles and managing customer profiles


The white label software platform can be integrated into any website or application to sell and redeem tickets and registrations, process transactions with total control. It saves time and money to use plug-and-play tools, widgets and advanced flexible APIs instead of building customized solutions.


Technology Used

Languages C#.Net
Database Mongo, MS SQL Server 2008
Web Technologies Web API 2.0
Web Server IIS 7.0
Framework .Net Framework 4.5
Source Control Mercurial Kiln