Our Client is a renowned US based firm in the Real Estate Domain. The company helps customers to sell their real estate by adding good interior designs to the images showing vacant property. These furnished images help the seller advertise their property better and get a good selling price in the market.


Real Estate

Business Challenge

The Client realized that the real estate buyer preferred furnished homes over vacant ones. Therefore the Client wanted home sellers to be able to sell their vacant listing faster and at a better rate by uploading photos of how their property would look if it was furnished. They also wanted to streamline the work and distribute the images among their interior designing team .


Volga Infotech developed a flexible system which would allow customers to upload the vacant photos of their home ( property ) , select interior designs which they find would be most appropriate or to their liking and make payment against the service ( using Stripe as the Payment gateway ).

Once done they could download the furnished images from the system. The distribution of work would be streamlined based on certain parameters ( set by the admin of the system ) among the interior designers. While the images are being furnished the client would get regular updates on its status


The system implemented consist of the below features / modules :

  • Customer registration and submission : The customer would register on the site, upload relevant photos of his/her property, follow it up by entering relevant data for the property and against each image uploaded; select a design which is to his/her liking and make a payment
  • Customer order processing : Appropriate emails are sent to the customer showing the status of the order along with the name of the designer working on them. Work is delegated to the designer based on availability and skillset. Once done , the furnished images can be downloaded by the customer.
  • Reviews : The customer can review the designs submitted. If unhappy can revert back to the designer to make certain changes. At the end of the process, can review and rate the designer. This helps the system to make decisions to select the appropriate designer for future design needs
  • Time Estimation : The system can send out an approximate time to the customer for work completion. This is based on the availability of the interior design team and the complexity of the work .
  • User Role Management : They are several users to the system, which includes the Admin , the head designer and the working staff. This sub system helps set the credentials to each user and define their privileges. It also to a fair extend helps automate the work load among the team members
  • Task delegation : This feature allows the admin as well as the head designer to distribute the workload to the working staff ( interior designers )


The system automates the entire business from Order intake, to processing to work submission. It also helps the stake holders to make decisions related to reviewing the quality of work done by their team as well as make estimation on the future staffing needs.

Technology Used

Languages ASP.net, C# .NET
DATABASE Microsoft SQL server 2008 R2
FRAMEWORKS Net Framework 3.5 MVC
Cloud Server Amazon EC2