A Social Network to share your Prayers with the World using your Mobile


The Client is a US-based software development firm. Head-quartered in San Diego, California, the company focuses on web and mobile application development. The company has built products for various industry sectors like Finance, Education and Entertainment.


Religion and Culture

Business Challenge

The client wanted to create an IOS app for helping people connect to a social network meant for praying. One could join in with their friends, family and the world to pray for each other. Knowing that they have the prayers and support of so many people with them could give someone the strength and courage to go on in their times of need.


We at Volga Infotech designed and developed an IOS app that allows you to follow people and connect with friends. One can create a prayer request, where one asks the people they are connected to, to pray for them. The user can upload an image to be associated with the prayer request. People can easily see a list of the latest prayer requests sent to them.

Friends or family who receive requests could press the Pray button to let the person know that they have prayed for them. The app has a simple but beautiful user interface. People can also share their prayers and connect to other popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.


  • People can comment and post words of comfort in a praying request post.
  • Users can share prayer requests on Facebook as a post or tweet about it on Twitter.
  • The app features a UI interface that has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use.


The app has been designed and build according to the client's need. This app has helped people stay connected to people in their tough times and give spiritual support to them.

Technology Used

LANGUAGES Objective C (XCode tool)
DATABASE SQL Server 2008R2
WEB TECHNOLOGIES .Net Framework 4.0