The Mobile version of the famous Chopra Foundation


The Client is a US-based software development firm. Head-quartered in San Diego, California, the company focuses on web and mobile application development. The company has built products for various industry sectors like Finance, Education and Entertainment.


Religion and Culture

Business Challenge

The client needed to create an app for a company that is dedicated to serving humanity, cultivating spiritual knowledge, expanding consciousness, and promoting world peace. The client wanted an app that could help the company to reach out to as many people as possible. The company organizes events that help understanding health, business, leadership and conflict resolution in order to fulfill their mission of creating a more peaceful world.

The app was needed to serve as a single point of access for all information regarding these events. The app could combine the company's existing social media channels which are currently being used to spread the word about happy and peaceful living so the user doesn’t lose out on anything being communicated from anyone channel.


We at Volga Infotech designed and developed an app for both IPhone and IPad platforms that combined various digital channels into one. From upcoming events to the posts on Facebook, from tweets to YouTube channel videos and RSS news feeds, everything was brought to the user in a cleanly designed and beautifully presented user interface.

The User could just login and read articles and watch videos of eminent speakers and personalities about a healthy lifestyle, leadership qualities, meditation, education and much more. They could also join in the humanitarian and charity work being done by the client.


  • Live feed from RSS news feeds.
  • Brings posts from the company's FB timeline and live Tweets from the company's Twitter account.
  • The app features a UI interface that has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use.
  • Has a page that displays YouTube videos posted by the client.
  • Has a registration page that allows people to register and be a part of the life-changing events organized by the company.


This app has helped the client to connect to people who are looking for a way to better their lives. It has been a featured app on the App Store because of its design, clean code, usefulness and its purpose of a noble cause.

Technology Used

LANGUAGES Objective C (XCode tool)
DATABASE SQL Server 2008R2
WEB TECHNOLOGIES .Net Framework 4.0