A tool to provide a generic solution for the mechanism of protecting the data across different platforms in an organization.


Our Client is one of the most renowned major independent providers for data integration software. Many enterprises worldwide depend on them for data integration, data quality and big data solutions to access, integrate and trust their information residing on their premises and in the cloud.



Business Challenge

Since our client is into providing of data integration he wanted to provide his customers a highly scalable and a high performance data masking tool which will protects data that is classified as personal sensitive data or commercially sensitive data.


To address this challenge we provided them a tool which is a generic solution for the mechanism of protecting the data across different platforms of an organization. DMASSK client is the main interface which would be used by users to control and manage the different functionalities of the tool.

Discovery is an automated method of programmatically identifying sensitive Information within various databases/applications from the data source. The Discovery user interface is provided to allow application teams to review and validate these sensitive data findings.

The profiler is a process that automatically pre-identifies any fields likely to contain sensitive data -– based on scanning the column names. Profiling is one of the major components in DMASSK. The objective of profiling is to identify the location of sensitive data.

Profiler uses two different methods to identify the location of sensitive data:

  • Search through the column names in the target database, by querying the database catalog (metadata).
  • Look at the data itself using a sampling algorithm, to see whether there is any sensitive data. (This is especially useful for comment fields and notes, for example.)

The Diagram below shows the architecture of the system:


DMASSK is highly scalable and high performance data masking tool which provides client to protect his customer’s sensitive data and ensures data privacy.

Technology Used

The application was developed in ASP.NET MVC 4, utilizing both client and server-side coding, which will provide flexible architecture and design. Client side coding will utilize JavaScript and HTML for modern, responsive UI. The application interact with other solutions components using REST/WCF Service.

Languages ASP.NET MVC 4
SharePoint SharePoint Online 2013 Auto hosted APP
DATABASE MSSQL Server, Windows Azure
WEB TECHNOLOGIES ASP.net , WCF, HTML 5, CSS3 ( Responsive design ) Javascript,