Connecting SAP and SharePoint closely


Our Client is a software company that develops solutions involving best practices to help companies experience the full capabilities of content management in SAP and SharePoint.



Business Challenge

In today’s highly competitive environment it is extremely crucial to ensure that all our important documents are stored in one place and are easily accessible whenever required. The storage methodology should also contribute to increased efficiency in performance. The customer wanted a cost effective solution for the above mentioned issues.


To address the above mentioned challenges Volga Infotech worked on enhancing the Client’s existing solution which provide an easy-to-use interface to all relevant documents and which is integrated with SAP and SharePoint. SharePoint functions as the content management system and business data is stored in SAP. Volga Infotech has worked on the SharePoint part of the solution.

Sitecore being a web content management system provides means to create a simple interface that the content authors can understand and change at their own discretion without requiring any help from the IT department thus making the process more efficient.

Some of the distinct features of this solution are listed as under:

  • Financial Accounting
    It allows creating accounts payable documents which can be integrated with SAP.
  • Purchase Orders
    Purchase Orders can be created and are integrated with SAP
  • Easy to Manage
    Large documents can be very easily managed and stored.
  • Easy to Use
    Users do not need a very deep knowledge of SAP system.
  • Strong security
    Unauthorized access is restricted to business critical information as authorization is role based and the system has a strong internal authorization system.


Users are able to clearly see all the documents using a hierarchical tree of folders and can work with all the necessary documents even without deeper knowledge of SAP system and its transactions.

A single screen provides for complete content utilization and document actions (view reorganize, add, delete, etc.). Not only does this lead to efficient management of their important business documents but it also helps the Client to stay rest assured that all his documents are completely secure

Technology Used

Languages C#.Net, JavaScript
Database MS-SQL Server 2013
Web Technologies WCF, SharePoint
Web Server IIS
Framework .Net 4.0
Source Control SVN