A mobile based personalized Travel Magazine


The Client is a US-based software development firm. Head-quartered in San Diego, California, the company focuses on web and mobile application development. The company has built products for various industry sectors like Finance, Education, Travel and Entertainment.


Technology, Travel

Business Challenge

The client wanted to create an app on both Windows and IOS platforms that was meant for travelers and that allows them to share their travel memories with their friends and family. The idea behind the creation of the app was that travels are fun and sharing them should be just as fun and easy. The app was to provide a way to capture and share all the travel moments in the form of a timeline or a travel magazine.


We at Volga Infotech designed and developed a Windows and an IOS travel app that provides users a great way to share their travel experiences. The beautifully designed and easy to use interface makes sharing photos and videos a breeze. The users can get an Fb like experience through the timeline mode, where their travels can be shared in the form of a timeline. The Zine mode lets travelers present their journey to their friends like a travel magazine.


  • Provides login through Facebook.
  • Allows travelers to do Status Updates, Location Check-Ins, Comment and Upload Photos.
  • The Timeline mode is where users could allow their friends to view their trip as a timeline.
  • The other mode is the Zine mode, where you could create a magazine like experience with your travel moments and your friends could flip through the entire trip you made just like reading a magazine.
  • The explore feature is where one could search for the zines around the world. And this feature is available in the trail mode.


The client received a great response for the app on both the platforms. It became a huge success among travelers and explorers as it has transformed the way one can capture and share their travels. The app has been written about in various blogs and tech magazines, which has made the client more than satisfied.

Technology Used

Languages C#, Objective C
Tools Windows SDK and XCode
Database MS SQL Server 2008 R2
Web Server IIS
FRAMEWORKS Net Framework 4.0